January 4, 2016
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Here Are the NYC Chicken Sandwiches You Can Eat While You Wait for Chick-fil-A to Reopen

Chick-fil-A is closed, but there's still Shake Shack, Fuku, the Meat Hook, and plenty more options.

Hydroponic Lettuce Start-Ups Want to Bring Local Produce to Alaska

Indoor farming could change the game for a state that imports as much as 95 percent of its food.

Starbucks Is Rolling Out a New Latte

The "latte macchiato" is the company's newest espresso drink.

Listen to the Latest Episode of Grub Street’s New Podcast

It's time to talk about the best (and worst) new restaurants and dining trends of the year.

These Pizza Hut Employees Spent Their New Year’s Eve Shift Getting High AF

They rang in 2016 with a large bong.

Burger Joint Is Not So Secretly Opening in Singapore

The new location is expected to open in April and there's one coming to Brazil, too.

NYC’s Huge Chick-fil-A Remains Closed After Health Violations [Updated]

After two dire health-department inspections, the location was voluntarily shuttered to deal with the issues.

The Last-Minute Guide to a Stress-Free New Year’s Dinner

You can walk right into restaurants like Babu Ji, Bruno, and the Finch.

Woman Gets DUI Tossed Because Her Body Brews Beer

Talk about micro-brewing.

For Some Reason, All of Dairy Queen’s Blizzards Will Be Served Upside Down in 2016

This gimmick will probably backfire.

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